U.S. Passport Size Photo

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is the required US passport photo size?

The correct photo size for the U.S. passport (as well as most other IDs in America) is 2 x 2 inches. In centimeters, it is 51 x 51 millimeters.

If you are submitting photos for U.S. documents through an online system (for example, when participating in the DV Lottery or applying for a U.S. visa), the required passport photo size in pixels must be at least 600x600. The aspect ratio must be square.

Keep in mind that not only the size is essential, but also your proportions in the picture. For example, the head should occupy about 70% of the image and be 1 3/8 inches high. The distance from the bottom of the photo to the eye line should be 1.18 inches.

The exact requirements in the U.S. apply to:
  • U.S. visa photo;
  • Green Card Photo;
  • U.S. DV Lottery photo;
  • Employment Authorization Document USCIS photo

What is the required USA passport photo background?
The U.S. passport photo must be taken against a plain white background. No patterns, extraneous objects, or prominent shadows are allowed.

How do I make a passport-size photo by myself?
If you already have a portrait that meets basic USA passport photo requirements and just need to change its dimensions, you can use one of three options:

  • Сrop a photo to the passport photo size in photoshop or another photo editor. Detailed instructions are provided at this link;
  • Crop your passport photo for free through the official USA photo tool;
  • Crop a passport photo online through special software like Visafoto.com.
What to wear for a US passport photo?
The US passport photo dress code is quite relaxed: you can choose any clothes you like, except the work uniform (it is forbidden to wear it for ID photos). You can leave your headdress on only if your religion does not allow you to take it off. Hijab, turban or turban must not cover the face.

Can I wear glasses for a USA passport photo?
No, all glasses are forbidden, both tinted and pre-scripted. You can keep them only in one case: if you cannot take off glasses at all for medical reasons. You must confirm this fact by a certificate from a doctor.

Is it possible to take a passport photo at USPS?
Yes, some offices provide this service. Check to see if the service is available at your nearest office here. The passport photo price at USPS is $15 (for two printed photos).

Where can I take a passport photo near me?
The most popular passport photo locations in the USA are as follows:
  • Walgreens ($14.99 for 2 printed photos);
  • USPS ($15 for 2 printed photos);
  • FedEx ($14.95 for 2 printed photos);
  • CVS ($14.99 for 2 printed photos)
  • Rite Aid ($8.99 for 2 printed photos)
  • Online (≈ $7 for a digital passport photo + a printable template with 4 individual photos on it).

Where can I get a USA passport photo for free?
You can edit your passport photo for free with the official USA department of state photo editing tool. The online program will crop and format the photo to the desired size. But this service doesn’t allow to change the background: it must be white from the beginning. Keep in mind that the free passport photo tool does not always work correctly. You can find a list of typical mistakes in this article.

What are the USA baby passport photo requirements?
The basic requirements for a child passport photo are identical to those listed above. However, there are some minor relaxations. For example, children under the age of 6 are not required to look directly into the camera and may smile or keep their mouths ajar. And babies under 1 year old can be photographed even with their eyes closed. More info on passport photos for babies.

How to print a passport size photo?
If you already have a digital photo, you can print it on high-quality photo paper. The best size is 4x6 inches (that's what you use for postcards).
Make sure the size of the photo is square and that it will be 2x2 inches when you print it.
If you don't have a printer, you can use the online printing service at your nearest Walgreens. To do this, open Walgreens online photo service and select 4x6 prints. Upload your photo, pay $0.35, and pick up the print at your nearest store. Detailed guideline.