Passport size photo in Australia

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
What is the required passport photo size in Australia?
Only 35x45 mm photos are accepted if you apply for the passport for the first time or need a renewal. The size of the face from the top to the chin must be within the 32-36 mm range.

What is the required Australia passport photo background?
Only a white background is accepted. There should be no shadows in the frame, with the light even and not overexposed. Important: images that feature any items, other people, or their parts can lead to your application being denied.

What are other essential passport photo requirements in Australia?
  • These must be 2 coloured photos taken no later than 6 months ago;
  • Don’t improve your outlook with any Photoshop programs. Even if you have wrinkles, scars, or moles on your face, editing of this kind is prohibited. The red-eye effect, on the other hand, must be removed from the image;
  • Use proper lighting to show your natural skin colour;
  • The face is in the middle, with eyes focused on the camera. Don’t tilt your head;
  • Tuck the hair behind your ears to make sure nothing gets in the way and hides your face;
  • If you apply in person and it’s your first time, the backside of the picture must contain the information about your guarantor.
What to wear for a passport photo in Australia?
The only restrictions are for the headgear: it's forbidden to wear anything on your head unless you have religious reasons to do so. But make your face clearly visible, including the forehead and the edges.

The same rule applies to jewellery. You can wear it, as long as it causes reflection or obscures any parts of your head.

A tip: the background must be white, so opt for darker clothes for better contrast. Avoid too bright or multicoloured garments for the same reasons.

Can I wear glasses in the Australia passport photo?
Sunglasses are strictly prohibited, while prescription glasses are allowed. However, you’ll have to provide a doctor's certificate stating that you can’t take them off due to medical reasons. Lenses should not cause glare. Make sure the rims don’t get in the way to hide your eyes.

Where can I take a passport photo near me?
Among the safest offline options are Officeworks and Australia Post. The former is a popular chain of stationery items that has photo departments. The price is $15 AUD and higher. The latter is a post office found almost at every corner. Its specialists provide such services for $17-20 AUD.
How do I make a passport-size photo by myself?
Just complete these 2 steps:

  • Take a photo with your phone.
Don't choose a selfie format as it’ll compromise the quality of the image. Use a tripod placed 2 meters away or ask someone to take the shot for you. It must be at the right height to avoid a bottom-up effect. Pick a well-lit spot. The one across the window will be the perfect option, as the sun gives natural light that doesn’t change your skin tone.

It’s designed to crop images to suit specifications for any ID types: passport, visa, gun license, etc. Adjust the tool to meet your needs: pick the country and the document type. The system will process the file for a couple of minutes to make sure it is 100% compatible. After that, you get a download link with 2 types of pictures inside: one is ready to be attached to an online application, the other is a template for printing.
The tool is available 24/7, with the support team at your services whenever you have any issues. All that is for about $7 AUD.

How to print a passport size photo?
If you use, you’ll get a template with 4 separate images ready for printing. With the right printer at hand, you can get the hardcopy right from the comfort of your home. Just check the correctness of the settings: the paper size is of a standard 10x15 cm postcard format (4x6 inches). Then follow this instruction:

  • Tap on the file and choose to print in on the right paper format
  • Set the printer to make several copies in case you damage or lose some
  • Wait for the device to do its work

The algorithm is a bit different if you don’t have an opportunity to print from home. Apply to retail stores or post offices and order the printing service. A tip: forget about using a USB flash drive because it’ll cost you more. It’ll equal the price of taking the photo using their cameras and specialists. Instead, apply for the service online through their websites. It’ll cost you only 0.10 AUD. Then head to the nearest store or office in person to grab the printed files.

What are the Australia baby passport photo requirements?
The specifications are the same as for adults. If kids are distracted by a toy, it should not be seen in the frame. The same applies if you have to hold a child’s head to take a shot – no hands in the picture. An open mouth is allowed.