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Passport Photo FAQ
What is the most common passport photo size?

Among the most popular formats are the following:
  • 2x2 inches (51x51 mm): USA;
  • 35x45 mm: the UK, the EU countries, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, Russia;
  • 4x6 cm: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain;
  • 5x7 cm: Canada
The full list of passport photo requirements for all countries.

What is a biometric passport photo?
Biometrics is about measurable physical characteristics. A biometric photo is a portrait that most accurately represents your facial features, and which can be read by special programs. Such a photo should be taken in full-face, in good light, with open eyes and a neutral facial expression (because a wide smile can make facial recognition difficult). In fact, any ID photo taken in accordance with the requirements is biometric by default.

How to take a passport-sized photo at home?
Today's smartphones are equipped with powerful enough cameras to take a passport photo without the help of professionals. Follow the rules below:
  • Take your photos in even lighting. If it's daytime, you can do without a flash. Make sure there are no large shadows on the face and it is well lit on both sides.
  • To make sure your head and shoulders fit in the camera, place the camera 1.5-2 meters away from you, at face level. If you don't have anyone to take a picture of you, use a tripod.
  • If you are using a selfie stick, make sure you keep your shoulders straight and the shadow from the stick does not fall on your face.
  • Take several pictures to choose the best one.
  • Trim your passport photo to the right size in Photoshop or use an online passport photo editor. In the latter case, you can instantly adjust the background, size, format, and quality of the image.
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