Canadian passport size photo

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
What is the required passport photo size in Canada?
In Canada, the passport photo format is different from the standard ID photo size around the world and is 5x7 centimetres. In inches, this size is about 2 inches wide x 2 and 3/4 inches long.
Not only is the size important, but also the proportions of the image. The head in the photograph must be a minimum of 31 millimetres and a maximum of 36 millimetres in height. The picture should include the shoulders.
The exact requirements apply in the case of Canada PR photos.

What is the required Canada passport photo background?
The photo must be taken strictly against a plain background - white or light-coloured (e.g. light beige or light grey). There must be no extraneous objects (including solid shadows on the wall).

What are other essential passport photo requirements in Canada?
One of the most important rules is to take the photo no earlier than 12 months before the passport application. It must fully reflect your current appearance.
It is also essential that the photo is good quality: in focus, with no broken pixels, blackouts or flashes.
The applicant must look straight into the camera with a neutral facial expression. All facial features should be clearly visible.
Both colour and black and white photos are accepted.

Where can I take a Canada passport photo near me?
The list of the most popular options is as follows:

  • Jean Coutu: $13.80 CAD
  • Shoppers Drug Mart: $19.99 CAD
  • Walmart: $15.99 CAD
  • Online: $7 CAD (+ a printing fee)
How do I make a Canada passport-size photo by myself?
If you already have a photo that meets basic Canada photo requirements and you just need to crop it to a passport photo size, you can edit it in three ways:
  • Free (by yourself): in Photoshop or a similar photo editor. There are basic instructions at this link.
  • Free (online): via specialized sites like this one. Please note that you can only edit the size in this case, and you will have to centre the head in the photo yourself.
  • With the help of professionals: online via specialized photo tool. This way, you can edit not only the size but also the background of the photo.

What to wear for a passport photo?
There is no specific dress code in Canada on such occasions, so you can dress as you feel comfortable. The main thing is not to wear headgear unless you are wearing it for religious reasons. The hijab, turban and similar headwear are permitted provided that it does not cover your face.

Can I wear glasses in the Canada passport photo?
Yes, if you wear eyeglasses for vision correction, you can keep them. The main thing is that the lenses and frames should not cover your eyes. There must not be any glare on the lenses. Tinted glasses are prohibited.

How to sign a passport photo?
Canada passport application rules state that you must include two photographs in your application pack, one of which must be signed on the back. The signature must include the name and address of the photographer or studio and the date that you took the photo. The person signing the print should legibly write: "This is a true likeness of [name/surname]".

If you took the photo yourself, it could be signed by anyone you know.

What are the Canada baby passport photo requirements?
If you are taking a baby passport photo, the general format requirements remain the same. But there are some minor relaxations: for example, babies may not retain a neutral facial expression. Detailed instructions on how to take a Canada baby passport photo.

How to print a passport size photo?
If you already have a digital passport-type photo, you can print it on high-quality photo paper. The most appropriate is 10x15 cm (that's what you use for postcards). You can print the photo at your nearest photo shop. It is advisable to order and pay online for not to overpay: in that case, it will cost you no more than $0.5 CAD.