Hong Kong Passport Size Photo

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
What is the required passport photo size in Hong Kong?
It should be 40x50 mm. The head must occupy between 32-36 mm (from the top to the chin).

What is the required photo size for a Hong Kong online passport application?
It should be a high-quality image of at least 1200x1600 pixels. The required resolution is 600 DPI. The online system accepts only a JPEG file no larger than 5 MB.

What is the required Hong Kong passport photo background?
Only white color is allowed. Other hues or shadows cast by the person will lead to the rejection of the application.

What are other essential passport photo requirements in Hong Kong?
  • Only colored images are accepted. Over- or underexposure to light will put your application at risk, so make sure it’s balanced;
  • It should be a recently taken photo, taken no more than 6 months ago;
  • The face must be fully visible, with no hair getting in the way. Tuck locks behind your ears if they are too long and cover the edges of your face. The same rule applies to the forehead: the eyebrows must be visible as well;
  • Eyes must be open and looking at the camera
  • The head must be centered in the middle of the picture;
  • A smile is acceptable only if the mouse is closed and doesn’t show your teeth. A neutral expression works better;
  • The quality of the image must not cause any questions: no pixels visible, lack of stapled or clipped effects, etc.
What to wear for a Hong Kong passport photo?
The government doesn’t pose any dressing requirements. However, follow these recommendations to improve the quality of the image:

  • Avoid white garments. Otherwise, you’ll fade into the background. Opt for darker hues for sharper contrast
  • Multicolored clothes are not advisable
  • Headgear is not prohibited if it's a religious feature
  • Women should wear light make-up or come without it at all
Can I wear glasses in the Hong Kong passport photo?
Glasses with tinted lenses are not allowed. Prescription ones are acceptable only if the frames don’t conceal your eyes.

How do I make a passport-size photo by myself?
Take a shot with your smartphone and send the file to Visafoto online software for automated editing.

A guideline on arranging the photoshoot:
  • Pick the right spot at home or outside. Your face must not have any shadows or overexposure to light. This will require sufficient lighting, which is best during the daytime across the window or right in the street
  • Ask a friend to step 1,5-3 meters away from you, holding the camera at your eye-level
  • Keep the shoulders straight and the head tilted up a bit for a sharper outline
  • Go at it several times to later have several options to choose from

A guideline on editing the image online:
Upload the file to Visafoto.com and get it formatted. The software will fix the background color, crop it to the 1200x1600 px size, check the position of the head, and improve the overall quality. The conversion takes a couple of minutes, after which the system offers to download the ready photos. One is 100% compatible with the requirements for an online application. The other is a set of 4 smaller images for printing. The price of the service is about $32 HKD. It’s several times cheaper than applying to an offline photo center.

How to print a passport size photo?
Use a printer that can work with 10x15 cm glossy paper cards. If you or your friends don’t have one, apply to a photo studio: for example, Fotomax, Urphoto, or Skyphoto.

Use their websites to place the order online, upload the template, choose the outlet with the most convenient location and pay for the service. It’ll cost you about $1 HKD per print. Order the courier delivery or come pick the photos in person.

What are the Hong Kong baby passport photo requirements?
The baby photo requirements almost don’t differ from the ones for adults. The only exception is the permission to have their mouth open if it’s an infant younger than 12 months. The rule about eyes is the same for any person: they can’t be closed. When trying to distract a child, remember to take away toys or other items from the camera’s range. If you’re holding your baby, your hands or other parts shouldn’t be in the frame.

Most parents take the photo of a toddler from home as it’s hard to get them relaxed in a new environment with strangers around. Here are the tips on how to proceed to succeed:

  • Put the kid on its back
  • Hold the phone at least 1,5 meters above
  • Catch the moment when the child is looking at the camera, with the head in the middle
  • Take a set of images and pick the one that meets the official specifications