Irish Passport Size Photo

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is the required passport photo size in Ireland?
In Ireland, the required photograph size for most IDs is 35x45 mm, if you apply in person.

However, for an online passport application at Passportonline.dfa no printed photo is needed. A digital image in JPEG format, at least 715 pixels wide and 951 pixels in height, will be sufficient. The head should be centred and occupy 70-80% of the picture. Image must include shoulders. The file size must not exceed 9 MB.

What is the required passport photo background?
You don't have to choose a white background for a digital photo: it can also be light grey or beige. However, it must be completely uniform: without any extraneous objects, patterns or shadows.

Ireland passport photo: black&white or in colour?
Both colour and black and white photos are accepted, as the passport prints them in black and white anyway.

How many photos should I bring for an Ireland passport photo application?
If you apply in paper form, you will need 4 printed photographs. Two of them must be signed on the back.

For an online application, a single digital picture is enough.

What are other essential Ireland passport photo requirements?
  • First of all, the photo must be recent: taken no more than six months ago. Photos that you used for your previous passport are categorically unsuitable;
  • The picture must be of good quality, in focus and not distorted;
  • The person in the photograph must be looking straight at the camera, maintaining a neutral facial expression;
  • Facial features should be clearly visible. For this purpose, it is better to slick back the hair;
  • Headwear is allowed only if your religion requires you to wear it daily. Non-religious head accessories must be removed;
  • It is strictly forbidden to change your appearance (e.g. face shape, skin tone or eye colour) in photo editors.

Can I wear glasses in the Ireland passport photo?
Yes, but make sure you can clearly see your eyes behind the lenses and distinguish their natural colour. The frames should be thin so as not to hide your facial features. Tinted glasses are prohibited.

Where can I take an Ireland passport photo near me?
Let's list several options (apart from your nearest photoshop):

Walsh's Pharmacy. €6.95 for printed photos and €7.95 for online submission;
Photo-Me booth. €8 for 4 printed photos and a digital file;
Online. The fastest and most economical way: simply upload any of your portraits, and special software will instantly adjust the required background, size, quality and prepare the file for printing.

How can I take a passport photo at home?
You don't need a professional camera to take your passport application photo: any smartphone is enough. For a perfect picture, use even lighting (preferably daylight). Position the camera at face level, about a metre and a half away. Look directly into the camera. Take a few pictures and select the best one.
Process the finished photo online.

How to print a passport-sized photo?
If you are applying for an Irish passport through Passportonline.dfa, you don't need a printed photo - a digital copy is enough. If you need to print a 35x45 image for all documents, use the paper of 10x15 centimetres in size, which can hold up to 4 photos.
If you have no printer, you can print a ready-made template cheaply through any network offering printing services. Boots Pharmacie can print directly online for just €0.20 for a print + €1.75 for the delivery to the nearest store.

What are the Ireland baby passport photo requirements?
The requirements for a child passport photo in Ireland are pretty strict. A child of any age must look into the camera, and no open mouth is allowed. For best results, it is advisable to take a photo of your baby at home and then process it with special software. Brief guideline.