Malaysian Passport Size Photo

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is the required passport photo size in Malaysia?
If you submit your documents in paper format, only 35x50 mm photos were accepted. But in most cases. you need a digital image because the process is done online.
What is the required digital passport photo size for an online application?
If you apply online, the image’s ratio is 7:10, with the file not exceeding 100kb – 1 MB and the resolution being at least 600 DPI.

What is the required Malaysia passport photo background?
Only a white background is accepted. Previously, it was blue. However, the country adopted the international practice and now works with a standard color.

What are other essential passport photo requirements in Malaysia?
Technical features:
  • 25-30 mm of the whole image must be occupied by the head;
  • 10 mm of white space must separate the upper edge of the picture and the head’s top;
  • It must be a high-resolution image without pixelated areas or altered focus;
  • There should be white frames around the person, except for shoulders that begin right from the bottom of the picture without white space left
  • Photos taken and printed more than 6 months ago are considered invalid and won’t be accepted
Personal requirements:
  • The person must be centered in the middle of the picture, with the face having no expression and looking at the camera;
  • Eyes must be open, and the head mustn’t be tilted up, down, or to the sides.
  • The lower part of the image must begin with the top of the shoulders;
  • Your hair must be tucked back and don’t cover the oval of your face, ears, forehead, and eyebrows;
  • The makeup must be natural. Over-excessive usage of cosmetics is not welcomed as it’ll change your true likeness
  • The picture can’t be edited to enhance your facial features. Such manipulations as deleting moles, disguising scars, changing the skin color, are prohibited.
  • Your eyes should not have a red-colored defect. This can be removed with Photoshop tools.
  • The whole image must have balanced light distribution;
  • The face or the background mustn’t feature any dark areas;
  • The lighting shouldn’t change your skin tone
  • Other objects or their shadows are not present in the frame
What to wear for a passport photo in Malaysia?
The person can’t take a picture wearing light clothes. It must be dark, without multicolored ornaments. The garment should fully cover the shoulders and the neckline. The latter requirement is vital to avoid looking naked. Religious hijab is acceptable, with other headgear forbidden. However, the headwear shouldn't get in the way and obscure your facial features. Moderate jewelry is allowed, while large pieces must be removed in advance.

Can I wear glasses in a passport photo in Malaysia?
Sunglasses or prescription glasses can’t be in the frame as they cause glare and compromise the quality of the picture. Just take them off before taking a shot. Contact lenses are also forbidden because they can change the actual color of your eyes.

Where can I take a passport photo near me?
Such big cities as Malacca, Kuala Lumpur, and Georgetown have special centers that provide photo services for different purposes, including passport applications. But the price is usually high, about 40-60 MYR per person. It’s way faster to do everything from home and use online services: for example, Visafoto. It’s more convenient and cheaper, about 17 MYR. The price doesn’t in any way influence the quality of the image. Internet technologies simplify the process, exclude unnecessary mediators, and rely on programming algorithms.

Here is a short guideline on how it works:

  • Get the right image using your phone or camera;
  • Make sure it’s compliant with the official specifications in lighting, clothes, person’s position, etc.;
  • Upload the JPEG file to the online photo editor. It’ll require a couple of seconds to process the picture and send it through several in-built filters;
  • Download the ready image that is presented in 2 formats: one is for online submissions, the other is a template of 4 compiled photos used for printing.
How to print a passport photo?
You can only apply for the passport online, so you won’t have to print the picture. However, if you want the hardcopy for other purposes, there are 2 ways to get it:

  • Use a printer that works with the correct paper format.
  • Head to a place that offers printing services (such as chain stores, post offices, etc.). The cheapest one is the 7-Eleven store.