New Zealand Passport Size Photo

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
What is the required passport photo size in New Zealand?
It should be a high-quality 35x45 mm portrait.
What is the required digital passport photo size for an online application?
The digital image is measured in pixels and must fall within 900-4500 px width range and 1200-6000 px height range.

What is the required New Zealand passport photo background?
Unlike in other countries, New Zealand authorities do not accept a white background. Light grey is the best option to create a sharp contrast with the person’s silhouette.
What are other essential passport photo requirements in New Zealand?
  • The head must occupy 65-75% of the whole image;
  • There must be some space around the person except for the bottom that starts with the top of the shoulders. The area between the upper frame and the head is about 8%;
  • It must be recently taken (6 months is the maximum limit);
  • It must be coloured, with the focus on the face and no blurring effects;
  • The lighting must be bright enough to show the natural skin colour and to avoid dark areas on the face or background;
  • The red-eye effect must be removed before attaching the photo to the online application or before printing;
  • Make a neutral expression: stand upright, with your eyes on the camera, lips relaxed (without a smile), and a mouth closed;
  • Too much makeup is not recommended as it’ll disguise your true outlook;
  • A selfie format is not acceptable because it’s impossible to achieve high-quality, holding the camera in hands. However, taking a shot with a selfie stick allows you to achieve a better effect;
  • The distance between the camera and the phone is about 2 meters;
  • Nothing gets in the way to cover any parts of your face;
  • Too glossy paper is not allowed;
  • The image features only the applicant, with no one or nothing in the frame;
  • The size of the digital picture is about 250KB-10MB, submitted in the JPG (JPEG) format;
  • Scans are not permitted.

What to wear for a New Zealand passport photo?
Headwear is usually not allowed, so take off your hood, hat, cap, or headband. The exceptions are those who wear covering as their religious norm and people who can’t take the headgear off because of medical reasons. You’ll need proof for the latter case. But even if you’re eligible to have your head covered, the facial oval must be fully seen.

Can I wear glasses in the New Zealand passport photo?
Prescription glasses are allowed. But the problem with them is the glare and reflection that they produce. Make sure your picture doesn’t have such defects. Plus, have a look at the frames. If they’re too thick, it’s better to take them off to avoid getting your eyes covered and thus risking the image being rejected.

As for sunglasses or those with tinted lenses, you must remove them before taking the shot.

Where can I take a passport photo near me?
Big chain stores usually have a photo department to provide such services. In addition, you can apply to the post office or a particular studio. However, be ready for a high fee. If you want to go a cheap but no less reliable way, use the services of Visafoto online tool. It’s special software designated for passport photo editing.

All you need is to take the photo with an ordinary smartphone and upload the image to the tool. The processing time is no longer than a couple of minutes. After you download the adjusted picture, you’ll see 2 files. It’s a universal tool that improves images for IDs in most countries. You’ll get the result in 2 formats: the digital one is for online applications, while the templates are provided for further printing.

What are New Zealand baby passport photo requirements?
The specifications are identical almost at every point. But babies under 12 months can keep their mouths open. You must remove pacifiers, toys, or people (their parts including) from the camera’s range. Here’s the strategy to take the correct shot fast:

  1. Put the light-coloured blanket on the bed;
  2. Lie the kid on its back;
  3. Ask someone to attract the child’s attention to make it look above;
  4. Hold the smartphone 2 meters above and take a series of images to pick the best one later;
  5. Make sure the kid is in the middle, with eyes open and looking forward;
  6. Upload the image to Visafoto to get it formated.
How to check if my New Zealand passport photo meets all requirements?
If you have used the online tool to edit the image but still have doubts about its being 100% compatible, there is a free service to check it. It’s provided by the government and tells you if your photo is good for an online application.

You can contact the Visafoto support team if you have any issues with the processed image. The specialists answer 24/7 and are ready to solve the problem for free, with the full refund of the money you’ve paid for the service.

Can I take a New Zealand passport photo by myself?
Yes, you can. Just follow these steps:

  1. Set up a professional camera on a tripod or use your smartphone
  2. Choose a monochrome light background
  3. Stand upright and look at the camera
  4. Take several pictures and pick the one that fully corresponds to the specifications

But remember that such an image is not yet ready to be attached to the application. It needs to be edited by a pro or online photo tool.

How to print a passport photo?
Chain stores with photo departments usually offer such a service. So do post offices or photo studios. However, it’s always cheaper to first apply to them online via their websites. And only then head to the nearest office to get your order.