Singaporean Passport Size Photo

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
What is the required passport photo size in Singapore?
If you apply in person, you’ll need a printed image 35x45 mm in size.
What is the required photo size for a Singapore online passport application?
If you apply online, the dimensions must be 400x514 pixels, with the head occupying 74% of the image. There should be some space (9%) between the upper edge of the picture and the top of the head. The file is only accepted in jpg, jpeg, or png format, and its size can’t be bigger than 60 kilobytes. The required resolution is 300 DPI.

What is the required Singapore passport photo background?
Only a white background is acceptable. Other colours will lead to the image being rejected.
What are other essential passport photo requirements in Singapore?
  • The lighting is even to avoid dark spots or over-exposure
  • The photo is new, taken within 3 months, and printed on a matte or semi-matte paper
  • The head is in the centre (full frontal view), with eyes looking straight, mouth closed, and the face showing a neutral expression
  • It should be a high-quality and not pixelated image, with some space left for the sides and 3 mm or 9% between the top edge and the head
  • The upper part of the shoulders is visible
  • Your hair can’t get in the way and cover any parts of your face, ears and eyebrows including. If you have long hair, fasten it behind and take it away from your forehead
  • Don’t enhance your outlook in any way. The image reflects your true skin tone, as well as moles, scars, or wrinkles if you have any. Use an editing program only to remove the red-eye effect
What to wear for a Singapore passport photo?
The most important requirement is to avoid white or light-coloured clothes. Make a sharper contrast with the background by opting for darker hues. Wearing headgear is allowed, but it shouldn’t cover the face. Garments with a low or V-neckline can make you seem naked. Choose more classical patterns to avoid such an effect.
Can I wear glasses in the Singapore passport photo?
Spectacles with tinted lenses are forbidden. If you can’t remove glasses due to medical reasons, make sure they don’t cause reflection or glare. The frames must not cover your eyes. If you wear contact lenses, they can’t be coloured.

How do I make a passport-size photo by myself?
Use your phone’s camera to take the picture from home, and then upload it to the Visafoto online tool. Here are some tips on how to take the photo at home:

  • Use the natural light by setting it up across from your window. The daylight will help you avoid shadows and will not change the natural colour of your skin
  • Place the camera 2-3 meters away at your eye level. A selfie is only possible if you have a special stick to hold the phone at a longer distance. It’s better to ask someone to take a shot or use a tripod
  • The white background is not essential at this stage. Visafoto will remove it anyway, keeping your silhouette intact and adjusting the white colour to meet the specifications
  • Go at it as many times as you need and pick the shot where you look the best
Can I take a Singapore passport photo online?
Just go to and upload the image to its Singapore passport photo editing tool. Its purpose is to edit pictures for all kinds of ID documents: visa, driving license, passport, etc. Pick the country and the document type and launch the process. The online program will crop it, check the eye-line position, work with resolution, quality, and other important features to meet the official specifications.

You’ll get a digital photo and template with 4 images of the right sizes. The former is good to go to the online application; the latter is made for printing if you need it in a paper format. The service costs only $6 SGD and guarantees 100% results.

How to print a passport size photo?
Unfortunately, it’s not allowed to print a photo for your passport if it hasn’t been adjusted by a professional or an specialized tool. You’ll need it in the correct format, with 4 small images arranged together in a special way. But if you use the online editor, you’ll get such a file. There are 2 ways to print it:

  1. Use a printer. But it should be a special device that works with the photo paper format.
  2. Head to a post office or retail store that has a printing department. If they have a website, check if there is an online form to order such a service online. It’s usually way cheaper than coming to them with a USB flash drive.

What are the Singapore baby passport photo requirements?
The technical specifications are the same both for children and adults. But kids under 1 year of age can have their mouths open. Parents, their parts (e.g., hands), and any objects (e.g., toys) should not be in the frame. The best option is to lay the baby on the bed, attract its attention and take a shot standing above.