British Passport Size Photo

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
What is the required passport photo size in the UK?
The standard size of an ID photo in the UK is 35x45 millimetres. In inches, this is equivalent to 1.3x1.7 inches.

If you apply for a UK passport online, a printed picture is not required. The required size of a digital photograph for a UK passport is 900 pixels in width and 1200 pixels in height. The file size must be at least 50kb and no more than 10mbs.

When you take a passport photo, both the size and the proportions matter, for example, the head should occupy approx. 55% of the picture and be between 29 and 34 mm high in print. The eye line should be approximately in the middle. The image should include the shoulders.

What is the required UK passport photo background?
The photo should be taken against an even, light-coloured background: white, light beige or grey. There must be no prominent shadows in the background: the face should contrast well with it.

What are other essential passport photo requirements in the UK?
The photo should be taken strictly in full-face, with your eyes looking straight at the camera. Keep your facial expression neutral: do not smile or frown widely. The picture should be of good quality and taken in even lighting.

What to wear for a UK passport photo?
You can wear any casual clothing you like. It should contrast well with the background. Headwear is only allowed for religious reasons. If you wear a hijab or turban, make sure its folds do not fall over your face.

Where can I take a UK passport photo near me?
You can get your passport photo taken in Britain either in a specialist photoshop or in large chain shops. For example:

  • Max Photo studios chain. Passport photo prices start at £9.99. For visas, photos prices start at £14.99.
  • Timpson. 6 printed photos costs around £9.99, depending on the shop
  • Online. around £7 for a digital photo + printing fee

How do I make a passport-size photo by myself?
If you already have a portrait compliant with UK photo specifications and you just need to crop it to a passport photo size, you can edit it in several ways:
  • In Photoshop or a similar photo editor. Find a brief guideline here.
  • There are several websites where you can trim a photo to a passport size for free. Example. Please note that free photo editors usually offer limited functionality: for example, they do not replace the backgrobasicund or adjust the image’s aspect ratio.
  • Online for a small fee. You can then edit the size, format, background and quality of your photo.

How to print a passport size photo?
If you apply for a British passport online, no printing out is needed: a digital photo is enough. If you intend to submit your documents in paper form, you will need to print the images to be 35x45 millimetres in size. You can use a colour printer and 10x15cm photo paper (the kind used for postcards), or go to your nearest copy centre. For example, a single 10x15cm printout at any Tesco costs just £0.55p. At Boots, you'll pay £0.15 for a printout and another £1.50 for delivery to your nearest shop.

What are the UK baby passport photo requirements?
Children's passport photos in the UK have the exact requirements as for adults. However, children under six may not look directly into the camera and may not keep their facial expressions neutral. Children under one year old may leave their eyes closed.